Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Maps and the act of mapping have the capability to be community created, and community enriching entities. Maps should make the user more aware of their surroundings and foster learning of spaces through other peoples' eyes.

1. Map as community building element
a. reveal connections-- show latent relationships
b. reveal players-- participants as authorities, multiple authorities
c. recreate space-- see mew things through different eyes
2. Graffiti Mapping
-Social tagging
-comment upon comment (graffiti as comment in urban space, online comment as secondary)
-exist in different space
-community responding and interacting with one another
-look at the surroundings through other people's eyes(photos)
3. Trail Signs
-community respond to community channels
-responding to exterior conditions
-helpful to others
-useful and knowledgable guide (not authoritive, voice opinion)
-little personal gain to mark maker
4. Andrew Mahon's Flickr Tour
-friend's iphone app which links geotagged flickr images and locations
-see other people's views super imposed on yours
-community aiding another community (flickr to iphone app users)
-helpful? entertaining yes.
-build community
-comment on collective space
5. 1:1 Maps
-following a path on ground level
-roads? parking spots? clocks?
-relate to map but use logic
-gym floors allow for third party rules to be played out, allow experimentation
6. Connections
-open source- creators as users
-Emergent systems- what works best is known as it's being adapted to
-Community building- comment on self, one another. seeing the community through others' eyes
-Milieu Based- could perpetuate self? using existing systems so the map could build upon itself in time and space
7. Proposal
-put the map in the hands of you all, to mark trails of commuting patterns
-to comment on our own commuting patterns and how they intersect
-someone else takes a different route that might be better (better being: shorter, more scenic, different breakfast tacos)
-respond to life conditions (traffic, protest)
-aim for democratic vision of the city with situationist ideals carried out by the every wo/man

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