Thursday, November 12, 2009

I aim to explore how the selection and/or visual representation of text can reveal new connections between it and the location(s) it relates to.

Text as Form

  • strips away to bare essentials of text
  • no information necessary to add to the map to make it recognizable (does not mean necessarily functional)
  • factual & functions as traditional maps do, by naming/claiming certain areas
  • reinforces information from traditional maps

Layla Curtis

New York

  • ink on tracing paper (I believe she traced the text from an existing map)
  • little interest in typography; just shows text only & that it is still functional
  • seems very direct & trust-worthy; handwritten but not personal

Jenny Beorkrem

City Neighborhood Posters - Chicago

  • still pretty accurate (in some sense) b/c she’s fitting the text into delineated forms; all right angles
  • single typeface; & clean but with sameness and sterility of traditional maps
  • size & color as ways to differentiate between neighborhoods


Typographic World Map

  • one typeface for all; all caps make it kind of imposing & intense “RUSSIA!!!”
  • distortion of country size is emphasized even more than normal b/c not only comparing the size of the countries & continents to each otther, but you’re also comparing text size

Mark Andrew Webber

City Linoleum Cuts

  • Paris is roughly 5’ x 6’; not sure how big New York is
  • a flow between the different sections of text; interaction that Jenny’s don’t have and feels maybe more accurate with the complete dissolution of borders
  • different typefaces give character to the different locations (but nothing handwritten)

Text as Form/Text as Source

  • Text still fills a more-or-less traditional mapping frame (city, country, etc.)
  • Difference is selection of text is relevant to location, but the text is not traditional mapping information


Missed Connections

  • some obvious visual similarities to Jenny Beorkram’s maps, but using different data
  • of the last hundred or last two weeks of Craigslist Missed Connections posts per state mentioning a specific location at which the connection was missed.

Vera Evstafieva and Andrew Biliter

St. Petersburg: City of Words

  • seems to be hand-illustrated
  • seems more emotional...more of a love note to the city

Ian Huebert

The Literary City

  • Composed of words from poems, songs, stories, etc. that mention San Francisco
  • “loosely” based on St. Petersburg: City of Words map

Mike Boruta

Mouths Open Wide

  • Map of Athens, Ohio, by things he overheard and his own thoughts at a location
  • text selection over text visualization
  • use of type v. handwriting makes it seem more “accurate” & “real”, but conflicting with the recorded information...reduces all the text to the same “feel”
  • interesting to record extremely transitory data, which forces the issue that all maps are using transitory data; this map was never accurate for a single point in time...

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