Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bauhaus music

I came across this English gothic rock band named Bauhaus, and obviously they referenced their name off of the movement. They chose the name because of its "stylistic implications and associations." I listened to a short demo clip of their music, and I honestly didn't think it correlated much with the movement's principles. Modernism + goth + punk? Ehhh.
But I think the notion of imagining a style of music that goes with a design movement is really interesting. Just a thought!

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John hopper said...

Bauhaus chose the name but it had more to do with Germany in the 1920s than design specifically. They were a stylish Goth band and their first big single was 'Bela Lugosi'. They perhaps should have chosen something out of German expressionist cinema or at least silent German horror classics. Perhaps Dr Caligari would have been a better bet!