Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gene Federico

Woman's Day, 1951

Gene Federico followed the idea that "type could be used to emphasize the message."

"Federico's signature was found in the construction of the typographical image."

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Gina said...

I only just found this post on my father while following up on something posted about Paul Rand. Thanks for mentioning him and providing the link to the AIGA pages on him – that's so important for keeping the great work "out there". He was proud of his abilities but modest in a way that imposed an undeserved low-profile outside of the close-knit super heros of modern graphic design and advertising. A "hybrid" of those almost always separate fields, he was a pioneer in using strong design to communicate advertizing concepts. Thanks for your post, which went up just a couple of days after what would have been Daddie's 90th birthday. - Gina Federico (